Good day everyone

First, I want to thank everyone who was involved in the whole story to help me get my hearing back.

Dr Dawie Van Staden who started it all by sending me to Nici Janse Van Renburg for the hearing tests. It was decided that I needed the BAHA system to be able to hear again. After that, the people from Southern ENT were contacted (Chirése Schoeman and Nadine Treurnich) and they immediately jumped on board to come and help. I first used a test device for about a month and I immediately heard the difference. I then decided to go ahead and get the BAHA 5 sound processor.

Reports and motivational letters were written and sent to my medical aid. The person at Gems who helped with everything (Amiena Van Schalkwyk) at the medical aid with the approval. Thank you very much.

I have had a very poor hearing for a few years but I taught myself when I communicate with someone, I just watch his lips move and I could understand what the person is saying. Then Covid came and everyone had to wear masks. There I realized I had a lack of hearing. I decided I needed help.

I received my BAHA 5 sound processor yesterday (April 20, 2022) after all the operations and patience. From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank everyone involved (from the Dr. to the medical aid) for what you have done for me. Not being able to hear it is a disability.

It's nice for me to be able to hear everything again, birds singing a conversation with my family and to be able to watch the TV in our house that is no longer set to full volume.

Thank you again and GOD bless you all.

Kind Regards


I was struggling to adjust to hearing aids. Overload of sounds, very overwhelming. Stopped wearing them for over a year. My hearing deteriorated even further. Found Nici Jansen van Rensburg, HEARING4U on Google search, she had good reviews, so I made an appointment. Nici has a wealth of experience and is an incredible Audiologist. Explained everything beautifully, without any false expectations. Setup of hearing aids are now giving me the best hearing experience possible. Thank you Nici for everything you have done to help me!

~ Glenda (22/04/2022)

Ek wil graag die vrymoedigheid neem om baie dankie te se vir puik diens, vriendelikheid, baie profesioneel, asook nasorgdiens uitstekend. Ek voel baie dankbaar dat U die regte gehoorstelletji vir my gekies het. My gehoor het baie verbeter, ek kan nou meer voeltjies hoor sing. My gesin beter hoor en voel goed oom myself. Baie Dankbaar. 

~ Mev.Tokkie Lombaard (01/03/2022)

Nici is a thorough and professional Audiologist. I felt most comfortable as the testing procedure and interpretation of the results were explained in an easy-to-understand way.

~ Cor Scheepers (13 August 2019)

Before I received my hearing instruments I struggled to hear and created conflict at home, now that I am wearing my new instruments, a whole new world opened up for me. As you know I am completely death in my right ear but now with my new product I can hear sounds that I was never able to hear before.

Thank you for your help I am forever greatful.

~ ARTHUR HOOLE ( 24/05/2019)

Baie dankie vir my nuwe "ore" Nici. Jou diens en omgee vir jou pasiënte is uitsonderlik. Ek kon agterkom jy wil net die beste vir hulle doen. Geseënd is jy!

~ Bani Holtzhausen Snr (10 Oktober 2018)